Wondering how to get started? First, we will analyze your agency and the position and make a recommendation for textbooks to use.

We recommend police promotional textbooks that are
the most-used, valid, job-related, legally defensible and most successful police promotion textbooks used today. They successfully cover all ranks, from Corporal to Chief. Visit our textbook list.

A fantastic guide for small police agencies and promotional testing can be found in Police Chief magazine, "A Promotional Process for the Smaller Police Agency." We agree with and endorse the procedures and objectives outlined in this article wholeheartedly, and comply with the requirements and objectives shown for written exams, oral boards and assessment center testing.

Before you choose any non-police titles for testing, such as "trendy" leadership or business titles not specifically written for law enforcement use, remember that job-relatedness and content validity are extremely important topics to consider so that your agency's exams will be 100% legally defensible. We believe in using only long-proven textbooks from well established law enforcement supervision and management experts to create our custom exams for your department.

We work with our own experienced staff and Subject Matter Experts (SME) from your agency to analyze and understand the rank and position requirements, then we write anywhere from 50 - 200 job-specific and content-valid Situational - Concept questions. Unlike multiple choice exams, you will not be testing study habits, memorization and test-taking skills, but will be testing for acquired knowledge and the ability to apply it in specific circumstances. The Situational - Concept exam delivers to your agency candidates who understand and can apply the important concepts most important to the position - making the exam very content-valid and job related and highly legally defensible.

When the entire promotional process is complete, you will have a clear understanding of each candidate's strengths, weaknesses, decision-making ability and knowledge of the most important concepts that relate directly to being successful in the new position.

CLICK HERE for more information on what we need to get started and the costs involved.

Other options for your agency to save on the cost of textbooks is CourseSmart which rents eBooks that your candidates can use to study online. If your agency only tests once every few years, this option could be the best value. Click the link below for one example.

eBook from CourseSmart: Supervision of Police Personnel, Seventh Edition

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