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Custom, Online Written Promotional Exams For Law Enforcement Agencies

We offer low cost and legally defensible written exams and assessment center services, and we specialize in the advanced Situational - Concept Written Exam for small agencies.

Promoting the candidate with the best study habits and memory should not be your goal - you want a candidate with the best knowledge, reasoning, problem-solving and decision-making ability instead. That's where our Situational - Concept exam comes in - it reveals who among your candidates is most likely to be the best supervisor or manager, not who is the best test-taker.

We believe typical multiple-choice exams, although popular, are fundamentally flawed.

Because multiple choice tests must present the candidate with the answer as one of the choices, the test is really more about memory, study habits and test-taking ability, not decision making.

The Situational - Concept exam is written by a veteran law enforcement professional who has applied the subject matter and is familiar with the position being tested for (i.e. the Subject Matter Expert). Our exam writer is a 27+ year veteran ranking officer who has held almost every position in a medium sized agency. [bio]


Each question on the Situational - Concept Exam presents:

  • A SITUATION, with a description of who is involved (citizens / police personnel)

  • A PROBLEM that has arisen out of the situation

  • The problem specifically involves a CONCEPT in the chosen textbook(s) or department policies, legal guidelines, etc. that is deemed important to the position by the Subject Matter Experts

  • A DECISION that is made by one of the police personnel at the scene.

The candidate is then asked the simple question, based on the textbooks and policy or law studied, "was this decision correct?" 

Each question is a recreation of what each supervisor does every day - analyze situations and make decisions. Nothing could be more job-related than an exam that measures exactly those qualities.

Seems simple, but it is not. In case after case, candidates find the exams much more difficult than typical multiple choice, and unqualified candidates score lower, simply because the correct answer, the "hint," is not listed among the responses. The candidate must be able to read and analyze the problem, then correctly apply what they know without the benefit of any visual clues.

We encourage our agencies to apply a time limit to the exam, to further show which candidate has the best ability to correctly analyze problems, quickly recall supervisory and management concepts while under stress, and / or apply department policy and state law.

If your agency is serious about giving a quality, professional, cost effective and highly job related promotional exam, consider a custom Situational - Concept exam instead of one of the "off the shelf" multiple choice exams you can purchase elsewhere.

To help you decide, we would like you or someone from your agency to take one of our past exams online, no cost or obligation.

Just email your request to us using this link, using a department or government email address, include your name, position and office phone, and we will forward you a link, name and password to log in and take a 50-question online Situational - Concept exam from the popular police promotional textbook, Supervision of Police Personnel, by Iannone.

Because each of our exams are custom written, not "off the shelf," none of the questions you receive will be duplicated in any future exam given by your agency.

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Affordable, Custom Promotional Testing for the Small Police Agency


SMALL police agencies (under 70 sworn personnel) are our specialty because we offer;

Low costs - Small agencies can administer a completely custom promotional exam for as little as $2,400.00. [more info]

Secure Online Testing - candidates test from your facilities. Your agency saves THOUSANDS in travel and related costs.

Completely custom exams from leading textbooks and your department policies and local  laws. Nothing is "off the shelf" and no exam question is ever reused - each of your exams is aimed specifically for the position in YOUR agency. [more info]

Legally defensible exams are created from your job descriptions and skills analysis, and each question will be deemed job-related and valid by our Subject Matter Experts (SME) AND one or two experts in your agency. [more info]

Low-cost textbook pricing through our partnership with publishers, and online eTextbooks via CourseSmart. [more info]














We offer custom exams for your law enforcement agency for the ranks or positions of;

Field Training Officer

Master Police Officer








Deputy Chief

Assistant Chief

 or even
Chief of Police


We also are very experienced in structured interview and assessment center testing, and can offer your agency very affordable solutions in these areas as well. [more info]


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